There is no certain information about who invented the first wedding ring, but wedding rings have been used since prehistoric times. Wedding rings were used even in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures. Today, couples choose wedding rings together during the engagement period and often wear them at their wedding. Wedding rings were very important in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures.

In ancient Egypt, about 3000 years ago, wedding rings were used as a symbol of the marriage of couples. The round shape of the rings was chosen to represent eternity and the continuing union of marriage. The Egyptians made their rings out of gold and added special symbols, inscriptions and other decorations to it.

Wedding rings have been used in Greece since ancient times. It is known that rings are usually made of metals such as bronze or iron. Greek wedding rings used the figure of Eros (Cupid), a god or goddess figure.

In the Roman Empire, wedding rings were usually made of gold. On the rings were the image and symbols of Jupiter, the god of marriage. The Romans also had their wives' names and wedding dates engraved on the ring.

Today, similarities to wedding rings used in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures still exist. Rings are generally known to be round and made of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, and many couples add symbols, inscriptions or embellishments to their rings.