Kadir Balım, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moda Alyans, evaluated the situation of the sector and the Istanbul Jewelry Show, "We, as Moda Alyans, left the March fair very satisfied. We came together with both domestic and foreign buyers and introduced our products in the best way and had a successful fair. The fair turned the recent negativities of our industry into success. We are working as much as we can for our sector,'' he said. At the same time, Honey, conveying a message to the sector for the upcoming Ramadan Feast, said, "Ramadan Feast is a great occasion to come together with all our relatives, to show respect to our elders and to show love to our little ones. However, the important thing is to help our neighbors as well. We should give them the peace of the holiday and share our table. Eid becomes meaningful if we are all together. We wish many more holidays full of health, peace and unity, and we celebrate the holiday of our industry,'' he said.